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  Gene's Perspective 

By Gene Johns 

Today I sat down at my computer ready to do some writing, and, as it sometimes happens to writers; I drew a complete blank. Nothing! After a short twenty minutes of thinking about what to write it became clear to me, at the moment, I have nothing to say! So, I decided to write about nothing. 

One of the problems I see writing about nothing is that when I finish writing about nothing, will you be able to see it? After all, nothing means there is nothing to see. I rarely get comments about my essays, so it stands to reason to expect nothing in the comment section for this essay, nothing.  

I will say it seems right to write about nothing since I am getting paid nothing to write about nothing. That seems fair. However, sometimes nothing is payable. Just look at how many people get paid for doing nothing when they draw unemployment.  

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there is something to nothing. There was this television show in the 90s called "Seinfeld." Maybe you've heard of it? It was often billed as a show about nothing but clearly, that wasn't the case. The stars of that show made millions and so did the network. Obviously, there was something there or the network would not have paid millions for the show and to the cast. There seemed to be much to do about nothing! 

Nothing may not pay, in most cases, but nothing is sometimes very expensive. For example, President Joe Biden has done nothing to prevent millions of illegal aliens from crossing our southern border. It is costing U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars for his doing nothing. Sometimes nothing costs! 

Also, there are those who refute the big bang theory about the universe. Some say (usually Christian apologists) you can't get something from nothing. Yet, I've never heard any real scientist say the big bang came from nothing. Clearly, there was something there before the big bang. We just do not have any way of knowing what that something was, even if it does turn out to be nothing. But, if the big bang came out of nothing, then doesn't that mean there was something? 

I remember years ago I was pulled over by a state trooper. The officer walked up to my window and explained to me I was speeding. When I explained to the officer that I was in desperate need of a men’s room, he allowed me to continue with only a warning. I got fined nothing because of the use of creative thinking because nothing was further from the truth that I needed a men’s room. Sometimes I love nothing! 

When I write an essay, I try to write about a thousand words. A thousand-word essay can usually get across the point one is trying to make. Today’s essay will be just over five-hundred words. How much can one say about nothing anyway? Apparently, not much. Hopefully, my excursion into writing about nothing will at least bring some enjoyment to someone. If not, this essay means nothing.   

By now, I'm sure you are thinking to yourself that you could have done something more valuable with your time than reading my essay about nothing. Perhaps. But doesn’t the time you spent reading this nothing from me turn this whole nothingness into something? That seems magical to me and that ain’t nothing!