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  Gene's Perspective 

Gene Johns
MSgt, USAF Retired
Author - Poet - Song Writer
Two-time State Bowling Champion

Employment Status: Retired May 1, 2021

Hometown: Vero Beach, Florida

Relationship Status: Divorced but in a happy successful relationship with my girlfriend and best friend Gayle, since October, 2006

Offspring: 4 children (two boys/two girls); 6 grandchildren (3 boys/3 girls)

- Graduate: Vero Beach Senior High (1968 - 1972)

- Graduate: Community College of the Air Force
  - AS Degree-Personnel Administration (1992)
- Life: 1954 to Present

  - Parenting: 1975 to Present
  - Grandparenting: 1998 to Present

Politics: Registered Republican; Libertarian leaning on social Issues & conservative on economic & military Issues - I voted for and proudly supported Donald Trump as President! 

Religion: None

Favorite Music: Real Country Music, 50's & 60's Pop/Rock n Roll

States I've lived in: Florida, Oregon, Colorado, Georgia, West Virginia, Alaska, Alabama

Hobbies/Passions: America, American Politics, Writing, Internet, Personal Webpage, Blogging, Music, Movies, Storms, Travel, Bowling (no longer active)

Greatest Thrills of my Life (besides marriage or birth of my children): Bowling my first 300 game; Bowling my first 800 series; Winning the Georgia State Tournament (Scratch All-Events Division Championship); Promotion to Master Sergeant (USAF); White water rafting in North Carolina and Tennessee; Parasailing in Key West, Florida


Military Service
animated Air Force flag animated 

United States Air Force - Retired 
- Time in service: 21 years, 9 months, 10 days
- Enlisted: August 21, 1972
- Retired: June 1, 1994

- Retired Rank Master Sergeant

- Awards & Decorations
 -  Air Force Commendation Medal with three oak leaf clusters; Air Force Achievement Medal; Air Force Outstanding Unit Award with one oak leaf cluster; Air Force Organizational Excellence Award; Air Force Good Conduct Medal with six oak leaf clusters; National Defense Service Medal with Bronze Star; Air Force Overseas Short Tour Ribbon; Air Force Longevity Service Award Ribbon with four oak leaf clusters; Noncommissioned Officer Professional Military Education Graduate Ribbon with one oak leaf cluster; Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon with Service Star  (M-16 Rifle & .38 Caliber Pistol); Air Force Training Ribbon; Meritorious Unit Award

- Other Achievements 
  - Graduate NCO Leadership School
    - Tyndall AFB, Florida. 1977

  - Graduate TAC NCO Academy
    - Tyndall AFB, Florida, 1987
  - Senior Enlisted Member of the Quarter
     - AFROTC Southeast Region, 1 October - 31 December 1990
  - Professional Performer designation by ATC Inspector General, 31 August 1990

  - Outstanding Personnel Manager of the Year (1991), AFROTC Southeast Region
  - Staff member of  "Best AFROTC Detachment in the Nation 1992"

    - AFROTC Detachment 145 - Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida

- Stationed at: Tyndall AFB @ Panama City, Florida (Twice); Mt Hebo AFS, near Tillamook, Oregon; Peterson AFB @ Colorado Springs, Colorado; Moody AFB @ Valdosta, Georgia; Beckley MEPS @ Beckley, West Virginia; Clear AFS @ Clear, Alaska; AFROTC-Florida State University @ Tallahassee, Florida; Maxwell AFB @ Montgomery, Alabama 


Author of the following books:


 A Conversation About God & Religion: Co-written with David Bivens - two friends with two different views about God and religion.

Things I've Written: A collection of essays, poems, songs and short stories I have written over the years.

Gainsay: This book is about why I believe a mandatory public school uniform policy, without an opt-out provision for any reason, is unconstitutional. 

21st Century Country Music and the Essie Accolades: This book examines how real country music in the 21st century has been pushed aside for pop-country. I also present the best and the worst songs on country music radio from the year 2000 through September 2018. Additionally, this book establishes a new country music recognition format, the Essie Accolades, recognizing the best real country music songs and artists of the 21st century. 


                                                        Bowling Achievements

Won more than twenty tournaments including:

Two-time State Champion:  

- 1982 Georgia Scratch All-Events Champion
- 1983 West Virginia Scratch Doubles Champion (with Gary Mills)

Nine-time Association Champion:  

- 1978 Panama City (FL) Men's Bowling Association
   - Handicap Doubles Champion (with Clarence Youngblood)
   - Scratch Doubles Champion (with Clarence Youngblood)
   - Scratch Team Champion
- Scratch All-Events Champion

- 1979 Panama City (FL) Men's Bowling Association
   - Scratch Doubles Champion (with Clarence Youngblood)

- 1983 Beckley (WV) Men's Bowling Association   
   - Scratch Team Champion

- 1984 Beckley (WV) Men's Bowling Association
   - Scratch Doubles Champion (with Gary Mills)

- 1985 Beckley (WV) Men's Bowling Association
   - Scratch Team Champion

- 1989 Tallahassee (FL) Men's Bowling Association 
   - Scratch Team Champion


- High Games:  300 (4), 299 (2)
- High Series:   824, 801 (6 series in the 790s)
Highest League Average: 228 (05'-06'); 224 (07'-08')


 In Loving Memory

                                                 of my Sister
 Gwendolyn Catherine Johns
January 1, 1959 - November 15, 1976 (17)

In Loving Memory
               of my Dad
 Eugene T. Johns Sr. 
April 20, 1933 - April 13, 2004 (70)
 U.S. Navy Veteran - Korean War