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"If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and
rotten, either write things worth reading, or do things worth writing"
                                                                                                   ~ Benjamin Franklin 

Commentary, Poems & Short Stories
Below are some commentaries, poems, and short stories I wrote
a number of years ago. Now that I am retired, I will be writing
again. I will post new commentaries, poems, and short stories soon.

Last Times     That Old Man     My Age of Reason

American Treasures     Another Sip of Coffee     The Drummer Played On

Nothing     Death     Christian Propaganda

Dr. Snelling Has His God Goggles On        Scientific Theory vs Scripture

"But it is necessary to the happiness of man,
that he be mentally faithful to himself." ~ Thomas Paine

My perspective on God and Religion, life, public school uniforms and country music.

Insignificant Thoughts: Essays about God & Religion

Things I've Written: A collection of essays, poems, songs and short stories I have written over the years.

Gainsay: This book is about why I believe a mandatory public school uniform policy, without an opt-out provision for any reason, is unconstitutional. Parents have the right to opt-out of a mandatory public school uniform policy!

21st Century Country Music and the Essie Accolades: This book examines how real country music in the 21st century has been pushed aside for pop-country. I also present the best and the worst songs on country music radio from the year 2000 through September 2018. Additionally, this book establishes a new country music recog-nition format, the Essie Accolades, recognizing the best real country music songs and artists of the 21st century.  Visit my country music website at: Essie Accolades 

     The Leaves of the Aspen   
Written by Gene Johns; performed by Nancy Harvey


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